National Water Monitoring News

To our Water Monitoring Colleagues around the Nation:

As Co-Chairs of the National Water Quality Monitoring Council (or “Council”), we are pleased to release the seventeenth edition of our online newsletter National Water Monitoring News, available here.  

This newsletter provides a forum of communication among water practitioners across the Nation. In support of the Council’s mission, this newsletter is geared to foster partnerships and collaboration; advance water science; improve monitoring strategies; and enhance data integration, comparability, and reporting.

This edition highlights many events, activities, and new products, and we hope the information is useful for your water needs. On behalf of the entire Council, we hope you enjoy this newsletter and we encourage your submissions to future editions!

Respectfully yours,

Gary Rowe, USGS Co-Chair, and Susan Holdsworth, EPA Co-Chair

To learn more about the National Water Quality Monitoring Council please visit our 
website. Articles for future newsletters can be sent to [email protected]  

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