How do I join?

Joining the Water Quality Section (WQS) is easy. Simply check the appropriate box on your membership application when you renew your Parent Society membership each year. If you decide to join the Section after you have already joined or renewed your membership in the Parent Society for the year, simply contact AFS and ask how best to join Sections mid-year.

The dues for the Water Quality Section are currently $7 per year for regular members. Students memberships are free. Time sensitive information is sent out to the membership on a listserve. Section funds may be used to provide donations toward the organization of symposia, publication of books, or other worthy activities. Finally, WQS funds are sometimes used to fund travel of the President to the mid-year business meeting of the Governing Board, when the President’s employer will not cover the cost of such travel. As the representative of a section with 200+ members, the President of WQS has a vote on the Governing Board and represents WQS issues to the Governing Board.

The Parent Society usually takes at least a month to process membership. If you have not received a Newsletter or listserve message after several months, please contact any WQS officer (see Officers page) or contact the Parent Society directly to verify if your membership has been processed.