By Laws

Note: we have revised the by-laws and these will be voted on in our upcoming election in June 2021 – please stay tuned.

Section 1.  The name of this organization is the Water Quality Section of the American Fisheries Society as provided for by the bylaws of the Society as amended.

Section 2.  General objectives of the Section are those of the American Fisheries Society described in Article I of the constitution of the Society.  Specific objectives are:

(a)            maintain an association of persons involved in the protection of watersheds, water quality, and aquatic habitat and the abatement of water pollution and habitat and watershed deterioration;

(b)            encourage improved professional and technical standards in the investigation, abatement, and regulation of water pollution, aquatic habitat, and watershed problems; and

(c)             objectively focus attention on watershed, aquatic habitat, and water quality concerns, and improve methods for solving relevant issues by conducting workshops and projects, collecting and assembling information for publication, and distributing results to Society members and the public.

Section 3.  These stated objectives shall be pursued by:

(a)            organizing and sponsoring special symposia on watershed, aquatic habitat, and water quality issues;

(b)            disseminating proceedings, notes, or abstracts from conferences and workshops on watershed, aquatic habitat, and water quality topics to members of the Section, interested Society members, and the public;

(c)             promoting development and use of standardized procedures and techniques for investigating and regulating water quality, aquatic habitat, and watershed problems; and

(d)            providing technical expertise on watershed, aquatic habitat, and water quality concerns to the Society, other organizations, and the public.

Section 4.  Membership in the Section is open to all members, in good standing, of the American Fisheries Society.  Each Section member is entitled to one vote on all matters requiring approval of the membership.

Section 5.  Officers of the Section are President, President-Elect, Past-President, and Secretary-Treasurer.  Officers must be members in good standing of the Section and the Parent Society.

Section 6.  All officers are elected, as provided in Section 8, for a two year term and shall serve without salary or other compensation. 

Section 7.  No member shall hold the office of President or President-Elect for more than two (2) consecutive years.  The Secretary-Treasurer can be elected for consecutive terms.

Section 8.  Candidates for office are nominated by the Nominating Committee (Section 14).  Mail, FAX, or email balloting will be conducted and completed by July 15 of every odd numbered year.  Officers are elected by a majority of the ballots returned by July 15.  Ballots shall be mailed to members at least 21 days prior to July 15.

Section 9.  In the event of a vacated position, the Section’s Officers shall appoint a qualified replacement to complete the unexpired term.

Section 10.  President: The President presides at meetings of the Section, appoints all committees, and serves as an ex officio member thereof except as limited herein.  The President represents the Section to the Parent Society and performs such duties as are authorized and necessary. 

Section 11.  President-Elect:  The President-Elect performs the duties of President in his or her absence. The President-Elect works closely with the President to ensure continuation of Section activities upon being installed as President. 

Section 12.  Secretary-Treasurer: The Secretary-Treasurer maintains current lists of membership and their addresses, receives all dues, pays all bills, keeps an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements, and prepares an annual report to the membership and the Parent Society as requested.

Section 13.  The officers may meet whenever the President and a majority of officers can meet and conduct Section business.  Business and voting of officers may be conducted in meetings, or by mail, FAX, email, or telephone. The officers shall:

(a)            determine policies and conduct business consistent with the objectives of the Section;

(b)            authorize disbursement of available section funds for specific Clerical tasks, and other necessary expenses essential to attain said objectives;

(c)             review appropriate resolutions for Parent Society action.

Section 14.  Standing Committees:  The President shall appoint Section members in good standing to the following Standing Committees.

 (a)          Elections Committee:  The Election Committee shall consist of the President-Elect and the President.  The President-Elect nominates a slate of Section officers for election. Nominations are submitted to the membership, with the consent of the nominees, in the spring Newsletter every odd numbered year.  Willing petition candidates supported by at least 10 Section members in good standing will be listed as candidates if submitted to the Chairman by February 1. The President is responsible for preparing and tabulating all mail, FAX, and email ballots and reporting the results to the membership and Parent Society.  The Newsletter Editor shall mail, FAX, or email the ballots.

 (b)          Publications Committee: The Publications Committee shall consist of a Chairman and members at large to prepare, edit, and arrange for distribution of a Newsletter that meets the objectives of the Section as set forth in Section 2 above.  The newsletter editor shall Chair the Publications Committee.

 (c)           Finance and Audit Committee:  The Finance and Audit Committee shall consist of the Chairman, who is the Secretary-Treasurer of the Section, the President-Elect, and a member at large.  The Finance and Audit Committee shall conduct an annual evaluation of the financial records maintained by the Secretary-Treasurer and prepare an annual budget and an annual financial report, to be submitted for approval at the Section’s annual business meeting.

Section 15.  The Section holds its annual business meeting during the meeting of the Parent Society.  A quorum consists of at least ten (10) members.  In the event a quorum is not present, proposed resolutions and ballots will be mailed, emailed, or FAXed to the membership at least 15 days prior to the specified ballot return date. 

Section 16.  The President prepares the agenda for full Section meetings.  Section meetings are open to the public and any publications or proceedings resulting from such meetings shall be made available to Section members. 

Section 17.  In addition to Section meetings, participation of Section members in various conferences, workshops, and technical sessions, not specifically organized by the Section, is encouraged and should serve as a means through which Section objectives are attained.  Technical advancements, research information on water quality, watershed, and habitat problems, and other items of wide interest can be briefly and appropriately reported to the membership in the Newsletter.

Section 18.  All proposed projects and major publications shall first be approved by the Section’s officers.

Section 19.  Approved projects and major publications together with their approved budgets, shall be submitted to the Executive Director of the Parent Society for the review and approval of the Governing Board of the Society.

Section 20.  Approved projects and major publications shall be financed with funds obtained from the Parent Society, assessment of Section members upon a two-thirds majority vote, fund-raising efforts, or from Parent Society-approved solicitation of gifts or foundation grants.

Section 21.  Membership fees of at least $5.00 shall be payable annually and shall become due on December 31 and delinquent thereafter.  The section can amend the dues by a two-thirds vote of those present at the annual business meeting.

Section 22.  Amendments to the Bylaws of the Section may be brought to a vote of the membership by a petition signed by not less than ten (10) members in good standing.  Proposed amendments shall be circulated with the Newsletter or in a separate mailing to all members in good standing together with an announcement of the time and place scheduled for a vote to approve the amendments.

Section 23.  Amendments are adopted when two-thirds of the members present at an official meeting of the Section, vote favorably on the proposal.  Such amendments shall not become effective until approved by the Parent Society in accordance with the provisions of Article IV (4) of the Bylaws of the Society.

As part of the American Fisheries Society, the Water Quality Section is a Non-Profit Organization duly registered with the Internal Revenue Service.