President Jonathan Leiman [email protected]
President-Elect Brian Alford [email protected]
Past-President Paul Kusnierz [email protected]
Secretary Treasurer Gregg Lomnicky [email protected]
Webmaster Gregg Lomnicky [email protected]  
Communications Officer Yetta Jager [email protected]

Past Presidents: 1977 to date

Howard E. Johnson 1977-1978
Foster L. Mayer 1978-1979
Patrick R. Parrish 1979-1980
Stephen W. Box 1980-1981
Terry A. Haines 1981-1982
Harold Bergman 1982-1983
Carlos M. Fetterolf Jr.** 1983-1985
Ronald Preston 1985-1987
Charles C. Coutant** 1987-1989
James G. Weirner 1989-1991
Donald M. Martin 1991-1992
Robert H. Gray 1992-1993
Quentin J. Stober 1993-1995
Barbara A. Knuth** 1995-1997
Jerry G. Schulte 1997-1999
Robert M. Hughes** 1999-2001
Larry R. Brown 2001-2003
Georgina Lampman 2003-2005
Louis Reynolds 2005-2007
Gregg Lomnicky 2007-2009
Erich Emery 2009-2011
Doug Bradley 2011-2013
Margaret Murphy 2013-2015
Yushun Chen 2015-2017
Andrew Todd 2017-2019
Yetta Jager 2019-2021
Paul Kusnierz 2021-2023
Jonathan Leiman 2023-present

**Went on to become AFS Society President