Atlantic City Annual Meeting Review

2018-08-22 19.28.32

The WQ section supported two symposia held at the 2018 AFS meeting in Atlantic City, NJ.

Andrew Todd and Yetta Jager organized the symposium ‘Bad Acid: Past and future risk of acidification to aquatic ecosystems that support fisheries and aquaculture’. This topic is interesting from a historical perspective because it reached back in time to research performed in the 1980’s and 1990’s prior to amendment of the Clean Air Act. It also documented continued widespread threats from mining, and looked forward to highlight emerging future threats from rising atmospheric CO2. The session included ten presentations, roughly half devoted to ocean acidification and the other half on the topic of freshwater acidification.  The ocean acidification topics ranged from effects on mollusks and implications for coastal aquaculture (McCoy), on sensory function in marine organisms (Daniel Dixon), effects on corrals (D. Bhattacharya), In the freshwater acidification portion, Amy Ricassi, Barry Baldigo, and Dan Josephson spoke about the historical improvements in acidification caused by passage of the 1990 Clean Air Act amendment in the eastern US. Impacts on fish and recovery of aquatic communities were measured in several talks, including one by Hagar and Ebersole. Dan Wesley and Andrew Todd focused on the impacts of acid-mine drainage.



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